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Hypnosis: Any Where, Any Time.

Posted on March 8, 2013 at 1:12 PM Comments comments (10)
I wanted to write about the use of hypnosis specially the types that I use.  Because it seems, no matter where I am or what time of day it is.  I run into many different types of people with many different types of issues.   Some of these people are non-believers, and actually they are usually the best type of person to work with, because when strange things start to occur to them or something happens that they can not explain they go very deeply into a hypnotic state.  I will give you a great example, just about two weeks back I met this couple.  I spoke with them several times at the party we were attending.  The wife is a registered nurse and the husband was a businessman.  He had a heart attack and had by-pass surgery done and was still feeling poorly.  I explained to both of them that I could help him, if he was interested.  He really didn't believe that I could do anything to help him or raise his spirits.  I simply asked him if it were OK to show him something that was interesting and to give it a try.  He nodded his head and to say OK.  So I asked him to simply breath in and then breath out very slowly.  Now I passed my hand over his eyes and said just close your eyes, with that he was in a hypnotic state.  When he opened his eyes about fifteen minutes late he had this great big smile on his face.  I asked his wife to check his pulse. She looked at me smiled. 
Now just a few weeks earlier I had a friend that thought she had lost her keys to her car and she was very upset.  Someone found her keys and returned them to her.  But she was still very upset and needed to relax.  Well early that evening she watched me hypnotize another young lady at this same event, I used an instant induction on this young lady.  So this person had witnessed what I could do and had zero dis-belief in hypnosis.  I looked her in the eyes and said when I tap your far head you will go down in to a deep, deep relaxing hypnotic state.  I looked her in the eyes again and tapped her on the far head and she just went into a deep relaxing state and when she awoke she was back and in a better state of mind then went I sat her down to help her. 
Now the other day I was in the bank talking with a customer service rep that I am friends with and a lady that was sitting across from the two of us over heard our conversation about hypnosis.  She needed some help and she needed it NOW.  I asked her what the issue was and she explained that she has fibromyalgia and that it is very difficult for her to get to sleep because of the pain.  I said to her would you like me to give you sample of what hypnosis feels like?  The answer was OK!   I said here sit in this chair breath in and breath out.  Great now stick your hands together like this and inter lock your fingers now take both of your pointer fingers and look at them and image that I just put two magnet on them and watch them pull together.  As she watched she finger pull together I said when those finger touch you will go in to a deep relaxing state of hypnosis.  I let her stay in that chair for about five minutes and gave her some other suggestion to help her improve her conditions. when she opened her eyes they were tearing and she felt really good.  I also told her for me to be of any assistance to her, that she needed to get a doctor's referral.
In our local WAWA I was speaking with a friend in line at the cash register about hypnosis when the cashier spoke up and said "that doesn't work".  I said really!   Do you mind if I give a little demonstration?  OK she responded.  I gave her my business card first to build up the fact that I was a certified hypnotist.  I asked her to look at me I then said do you mind if I touch you right here between your eyes. She said "NO".  I had already had my finger between her eyes.  She couldn't said anything else.  I said to her now, as I slide my finger down between your eyes they will close and lock down, shut down tightly and they will feel like they are glued tightly shut.  When I tell you to try to open your eyes, you will try to open them, but they will stay closed tightly and you will not be able to open them until I tap you on your far head like this.  When she tried to open them they were locked tightly closed.  The cashier and my friend were amazed and also about six or seven other customers now standing around and watching.
The conclusion to this article is that as a hypnotist you can really us your skills any where, any time to help anyone.
That's all for now.

To Quit Smoking Or Not To Quit Smoking?

Posted on February 13, 2013 at 3:56 PM Comments comments (8)
To quit smoking or not to quit smoking? That is a question that I think that many smokers are asking themselves everyday. It is a daunting argument that they face every time they light up or try to find a place to smoke that is out of the wind, rain, or cold weather. Than the question of how do I justify the expense? The government is  always increasing the taxes on tobacco products. How much pleasure am I really getting out of this habit?
I'm always taking my suites to the clearner and the repairs from the holes I burnt in the suite or dress. Oh and the my car  my poor car it smells like an ash tray. 
Is this what you want your children to remember about you? Quite smoking today! Call NOW (609) 970-7195It can be an argument that is never ending. Maybe I'll just cut back or I will just try to smoke less each day for the next week or so. But a week passes and then a month and where are you NOW. Everyone needs help and support even me. When you get support you feel like your not all alone with your issue. You also need internal support and sometimes that is harder to achieve than getting outside support from your family or friends or group. The internal conflicts that exist inside your mind may have developed when you were just a child or in your early teenage years, locked deep in your subconscious mind. I want you to think about the first time in your life that you smelled a field of fresh cut grass and remember the sound of that lawn mower and a slit wisp of gas in the air at the same time. Just close your eyes for a brief monment. OK!  Where are you right now? To each one of you, you are some place that is very special. It was your first time and your subconscious had to create a memory in your mind to store that information. And for a short period of time after reading this Blog you will re-call that location every time you smell a fresh cut lawn and hear a lawn mower. Especially with the approach of spring you will remember reading this Blog. I have just anchored this Blog posting to a memory.  Here is my point, other things in your life are anchored to other memories deep inside your subconscious mind that keeps your desire for smoking or eating, failing to achieving your new desired goals.  So you tried to quit smoking and you failed and then you tried to quit smoking and you failed again. You want to quit smoking very badly and you start feeling bad that you are in this endless cycle of failure and you want out of it at all cost. This is were using hypnosis is your greatest weapon it can be used to remove an unwanted habit. We can find that moment and make the necessary changes to that memory and achieve a life time of improvements to your health. You will feel the pressure of that failure leaving your mind and body and you will feel the awaking of confidence and strength, because you have achieved that desired goal that you have been catching for so long and now it's yours, success. at last.  You will become confident and strong because you will realize that you have accomplished one of the hardest challeneges in your life. You are now a non-smoker. You will continue to be successful, because you will incorporate the skills that you have learned from your hypnosis sessions into other segments of your life as well. So that is why I say change your mind and you can change your life.
I hope this article has helped you, if you have any questions or concern feel free to contact me at (609) 970-7195 or email: [email protected]
That all for now.

First Post For New Horizons Hypnosis

Posted on January 23, 2013 at 8:27 PM Comments comments (5)
John Cerbone  The Trance Master and myself at the National Guild of Hypnotist South Jersey Chapter meeting. John demonstrated one of the best quit smoking hypnosis trances. Stop smoking and become a non smoker. Using hypnosis for  weight loss and dieting is simple and easy to accomplish just create the correct mind set  and change your feelings toward the foods that you eat.Here at New Horizons Hypnosis I have helped people to quit smoking or weight loss and diet issues and pain control. I have had the opportunity to witness really amazing effect and fantastic mind blowing techniques that have astounded many of my friends that are now my clients.  One of the reasons that I got involved with hypnosis was to help my friends and family. The strangest thing is that I have had greater success with stranger then with my own friends and family.  I believe that it is due to the fact that they know me as Karl, not Mr.Wirtz the hypnotist. Where stranger have know preconceived idea about who you I am. To my clients that have know pass knowledge about you, I'm the hypnotist period. Here is a great example: back in October I was at the Pumpkin Festival in Blackwood, NJ. That day I had a great opportunity to show my powerful hypnotic skills. From 10:00 in the morning to 4:30 in the evening I hypnotized 63 people.  With all the types of conditions, noises from the bands, tractor trailers, motorcycles, and just people watching and talking and yelling and laughing in amazement. I'm not bragging it's just the fact that everyone them, that I hypnotized were strangers. No one questioned my skills or abilities. They just accepted the fact that I was the hypnotist.
Well that is it for now.